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What is OpenOpportunity?

OpenOpportunity is a partnership of Secondary Schools,City College Norwich and Easton College. Over the course of the past 8 years the partnership has developed and run courses for pre and post-16 young people in order to widen choices and opportunities available. These courses have recently included A-Levels, GCSEs and BTECs and in the past have included Young Apprenticeships, Diplomas and Foundation Learning programmes. Over the past few years more and more schools and institutions have chosen to send students to OpenOpportunity courses.

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Schools’ Information for Potential 2015 OpenOpportunity Vocational Starts.

It’s that time of year again to welcome potential students to the process of application and enrolment.  You will find all the relevant information that you need by clicking on the tab to the left of this screen entitled Schools’ Information for 2015 starts or click on the headline above.

HEFA Beacon School Logo ColourHugely exciting news from OpenOpportunity!!!

The Higher Education Field Academy (HEFA) programme

Wednesday 10th June, Thursday 11th June and Friday 12th June 2015

The HEFA programme aims to raise the aspirations, enthusiasm and attainment of 14-17 year-olds with regard to higher education by making a valuable contribution to current academic research at the University of Cambridge. Students can only attend HEFA as part of an organised school group, and recruitment is coordinated locally by OpenOpportunity with nearby schools. If your school wants to be involved in a field academy, please contact Janette Darbon Administrator at OpenOpportunity for further details. Schools who have signed up to the programme, please click on the HEFA link to the left of this page for further information and how to access the necessary paperwork for your visit. via Higher Education Field Academies (HEFA) — Access Cambridge Archaeology (ACA).


The Higher Opportunities Charity has been set up by the OpenOpportunity partners in response to the need to better encourage and support Norfolk students who are thinking of going on to Higher Education after they leave school.  To find out more click on the Higher Opportunities link to the left of the page or here.


Hay Levels – Education at Hay Festival

Inspiring 3 minute films for A Levels Listen to Lily on the subject of Hay Levels in the video below Visit YouTube Hay Levels Here are some of our favourites!! Maths – Trigonometry and Logarithms – Marcus Du Sautoy History  – Weirdness of History with Simon Schama English Lit – The Great Gatsby with Sarah Churchill

 Free course for sixth form students starting 26th January 2015

‘Preparing for uni’ – UEA’S MOOC (massive open online course) with FutureLearn

Watch the video.


To find out more click on the FutureLearn logo to the right.futurelearn



This year’s submissions will be judged by the author of His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman.

To find out more click here or visit Connell Guides Essay Prize.


UCAS Applications Almost all applications for full-time higher education courses are made through UCAS. You usually apply in the Autumn before you plan to start your higher education, so you’ll need to start researching during the first year of your course. All applications are made online, using UCAS Apply.  The closing date for applications to most courses is 15 January. Go to the UCAS website